We will try to highlight the main line with the practical aspects of this sensitive issue.

First, you must determine your intent with respect to it. If you are serious (in the range of permanent relations before marriage in the future), you pay whenever you see fit and if you are able to pay. Another thing is whether it will allow you a amateur (but more on that later …). Clearly, if you invite a women somewhere (for example, to your favorite coffee shop), then be prepared to pay. Taxi fares should also be paid by men. If she invites you then it’s not so simple. For example, at first that to test the purity of her feelings it can be useful for everyone to pay for themselves. If it suits her, and she will not disappear anytime soon, she will not use you as a money bag?.

Second, let’s get to the ins and outs of your initiative with paying the bills. If you pay, you and defines the program of entertainment, offering the options “on your wallet.” It will, after all, create the impression of an effective, independent, self-sufficient, and reliable breadwinner. This is a necessary condition in order for even the most highly spiritual woman if she decides to build far-sighted plans with you and connect you with your destiny. On the other hand, once you pay, you are “doomed” to pay always and in the future. Women’s get used to counting on your finances, and you have to constantly look for ways of making money. Perhaps this will help your career and obtain an occupation of high social status, so that a negative connotation here is not so obvious.

Third, sometimes everything does not depend on men, and the original question is transformed into the following: “Will she pay for it?” If not, she does not want to be something you must, or financial independence – its credo (even if now the money she had, to put it mildly, not as hot as much). And maybe for her in the order of things pay for themselves and for you. If you are suddenly offered to pay the bill in a restaurant and she does not attempt to interfere with you, then draw the appropriate conclusions. Either it is set up against you and sees a strong future you satellite, capable of leading the overall budget. Or she simply takes it for granted and sees nothing wrong with you paying; she likes it, and, besides, for it is nothing new…

As for gifts for your new friend, then to her birthday party, on New Year, March 8th try to present smth small. Here is the principle – it’s better to give inexpensive and unique gifts as often as possible, than a save a whole year to buy expansive presents. Of course, do not forget at least on the first date about the flowers. In general, the question: “To give or not give?” will again depend on your financial well-being and the severity of your intentions to the women.

Corey Bradley
Chief Editor
Corey Bradley is a chief editor at WomenForDating.org. He has been in this position for almost 5 years, during which he has mastered his knowledge of the mail order bride industry and what a good article looks like.