How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Ukrainian women.

Perhaps, February can rightly be considered the most romantic month of the year! After all, on February 14th it’s decided to celebrate a wonderful holiday, Valentine’s Day, which provides the opportunity to show your women the power of love, devotion and loyalty.

On this day, it’s been decided to give gifts to loved ones: plush toys in the shape of hearts, red roses, balloons in the shape of heart, kissing birds, candy, hearts, and most importantly, send greeting cards and tiny valentines. That is to give everything that symbolizes love!

There is no denying that Valentine’s Day has become a favorite for all and a popular holiday. Even the fact that the festival is dedicated to the Catholic saint, does not negate the people’s love for him. This day is perceived as an opportunity to confess his love, a romantic evening in pleasant company’s heart, to indulge in dreams of the future. To this day a lot of marriage proposals tend to coincide

There are several legends which reveal the history of the origin of this holiday. One of them says that the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage, because he believed that men should not be burdened with romantic relationships and best manifest themselves as warriors. But there was a person who disagreed with the imperial order. It was a priest named Valentine. He was crowned in secret lovers! When the emperor learned of this, he ordered the execution of a priest.

According to another legend, one prisoner, Valentine, was passionately in love with the daughter of the prison. He confessed his love to her and wrote her a fiery letter. At the end of the message was the monogram “Your Valentine.” Subsequently, the ardent lover was executed, and the history of this romanticized.

What will please your darling women on this day? There are a lot of options, as long as the gift is sincere and not commonplace.

Do you prefer sitting in a restaurant in a joint campaign against the backdrop of the city skating rink. After all, nothing could be more romantic than holding hands, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company in the pure frosty air under the bright lights! The movement will provide you with positive energy and excitement for a long time

For those who want to please the woman who loves unusual gifts, there are a few not in the performance of complex ideas. Put a bit of fantasy realization into the idea, part of my heart and all my love, happiness and your girl will be limitless!

1. Re-photo album, store-bought, in “The Book of our love.” The main idea is that the album is partially filled with your photos together, add a photo can be poetry, romantic inscriptions. Afterwards, you continue to fill pages with the “Books”.

2. Fill the apartment with colored balloons in the shape of hearts, putting into some of these notes with a declaration of love poems or something appropriate.

3. Prepare a romantic breakfast, served coffee in bed, and complete pre-prepared biscuits in the shape of hearts.

4. Independently make a romantic video. Showcase your favorite slide show, accompanied with music from the heart. Draw a picture on each photo with an inscription made by hand that has declarations of love.

5. If she often listens to her favorite radio station in her car, then try to get a heartfelt congratulations and prepared message to be read on the radio.

6. And it is quite an extreme way for those who really wants but can not congratulate the other half are due to “financial crisis”. It does not matter: shall describe the roll of toilet paper greetings, wishes and wait for the “message” will be found with the first setting of the “reading room”.

Finally I would like to add – rejoice each other small gifts, not only on Valentine’s Day, because it is more pleasant to receive tokens of appreciation when they do not expect it!

Corey Bradley
Chief Editor
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