Sometime after being on a dating site, when you realized that remote communication is no longer enough, it’s time to meet if real life. It will be from this meeting that will determine the future of your relationship, so for her organization to take full responsibility.

In no case should you agree to meet the girl if she offers to meet on the street to exchange views and visually asses each other as this usually means she does not expect a serious relationship. You should not accept if you are invited into an apartment or hotel room. If you expect to do so on a date, then spending time in a hotel is preferable to an unfamiliar apartment. A very good place to meet can be a cafe where in a relaxed atmosphere you can chat over a cup of hot tea and get to know each other. It should be noted that drinking alcohol on the first meeting is not recommended. If you do, you will not show your best side and vise versa, in the end you should just have a good time. Caution must always be remembered and put above all else, as long as you’re not familiar with the Ukrainian girl in person and you’ve only communicated in a network, you cannot argue that it must be safe for you.

The conversation is best used to build a light mood. No need to involve a variety of current issues, and indeed personal problems, which would be inappropriate at this meeting. Your best side will show if you listen to your companion and you will learn a lot about her.

If she does not allow you to get any words in, but rather just keeps talking she is not interested in you. No need to over-talk about the fact that your meeting is no accident, and you found each other, there will still be plenty of time. If you do not see the point in future relations and believe that this date is already decided, then it is not worth talking about yourself in all colors, because that person does not need to know. We should not lie because the truth sooner or later becomes clear and you will end up not having a very pleasant time.

It is recommended before a date to notify your loved ones, tell when and where to meet. You may find yourself in a situation where their help is absolutely necessary.

Always remember that anything can happen, and you will by and large not know what to expect from your companion. If you see something disturbing, it would be best for you to end the date as soon as possible.

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